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A preschool program is much more than what you see, it’s really the experiences of its students, families and staff that makes a great preschool. Your experience at Prime Foundation Montessori is what really counts.

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Ms. Osato is the best teacher I have ever met! To say she’s amazing is putting it mildly! My son Tre is now literally a genius! He went from knowing just 1 to 10 to knowing 1- thousands and not just reciting but understanding the quantities and symbol as Ms. Osato would always say. Tre now knows how to carry out the four operations, not just the basic but also exchanging. He can now work with Addition, Subtraction , Multiplication and Division at 5 years old! He clearly understands place value and the dynamics of carrying over and exchanging in all four mathematical operations. He understands the decimal system almost perfectly, I wish I could say perfectly! Tre looks forward to seeing his teacher, Ms. Osato and coming to his classroom everyday! He loves his teacher! Saying thank you to you Ms. Osato can never be enough. I brought you a timid and academically struggling 4 year old boy, who didn’t like math. You gave me a bright, smart, intelligent 5 years old son. You made him a mathematics genius in one school year! Tre is now so in love with Math! I am so blessed!

Thank you so so much Ms. Osato. I am overwhelmed with so much joy. Lakeisha and Tre MacDonald.


Amelia is 5years old! In just one year with Ms. Osato, she can symbolize grammar sentences. This by the way is first grade work! She can tell you what a noun, verb, adverb, article, adjective, preposition, conjunction, pronoun and interjection is, pronouncing each one properly too! I even learnt grammar from Amelia as she enjoys teaching me what she had learnt at home. She can define each one and give you vivid and numerous examples clearly understanding each aspect and not memorizing. I am so amazed at how bright and grammatically articulate and out spoken my Amelia has become. I can’t believe this is the same daughter I brought to Ms.Osato at the beginning of the school year! Wow! Ms. Osato’s method of teaching and instruction is truly outstanding. She is also very warm, easily forms trusting relationships with children that I see the children just love her! She is patient and has a kind demeanor. I must say, she stands out as an exemplary teacher showing care, support and love to every child in her care. Ms. Osato is an excellent teacher and I cannot say enough laudatory remarks about her. She is awesomeness and amazing all put together. Amelia barely knew her letters A-Z when I brought her to Ms. Osato. Now, she doesn’t only know all her letters and sounds, she is also reading fluently as well as knows all aspects of grammar. And, did I mention Amelia can work successfully with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, exchanging as needed; She knew 1 to 10 recitation when I brought her to Ms. Osato at the beginning of the school year! I am beyond grateful to Ms. Osato. Amelia loves to go to school everyday. I wish I had better words to express my gratitude to Ms. Osato. Thank you Ms. Osato. You are indeed a rare gem!

Shawna and Amelia Mincus.


“What a blessing you have been for myself and my child. When searching for a safe, nurturing place for my child to attend while I was at work I was surprised at how unimpressed I was with most of what I saw. That is, until I came to Ms. Osato’s classroom.

Intuitively, I knew I wanted a place that celebrated my child as an individual while guiding him in a positive direction toward his development. A place that took into consideration the whole child; body, mind and spirit. So many places I toured were trying to “cookie cutter” the kids into their ideal of “right.” That is, again, until I came to your classroom, Ms. Osato.

I’ve found over the course of the last year that my son is on a path of lifelong learning in large part because of the encouragement he received from his teacher, Ms. Osato. He has the confidence to try new things on his own and the patience to see them through. He displays compassion, and an earnest desire to help younger children because peer education is such an important part of the Montessori philosophy.
PFM is a wonderful place to send your children if you want them to develop a true sense of self. It is a place where they will be exposed to math, science, literature and the arts in such interesting and appealing ways that they won’t even realize they are learning. It is a place that cultivates community and celebrates the interconnectedness of it all.

For me, Ms. Osato has been such a blessing and I gladly share a good word whenever I can.” Agatha Powell


“We are absolutely in LOVE with Ms. Osato!!!!!

When our son was three and a half we started our search for the “perfect school” after many many visits to different places we found your classroom.
Our experience with Ms. Osato has been beyond wonderful. We feel as if we are family, yet our son is learning academically as well as getting a whole education meaning life principles as “community”, respect to others. He is growing as an individual…. not just learning.

Thank you for your preschool curriculum Ms. Osato and we look forward to many more years, and our three sons attending PFM soon!” Maria & Andrew McFadden


“I made the decision to change my son from schools a year and a half ago. It was recommended by an Occupational Therapist, since my son was having some difficulties with movement, anxiety and attention at his previous school. After attending the preschool program for only 2 months, my son was already a different boy. The Montessori Environment has helped him with his desire to move around the classroom and work in a calm, peaceful manner. It has helped to build his attention span with activities and lessons, but most importantly it has helped him learn social skills and discipline. I never thought I would hear him ask: “Mommy I want to go to school, when is Monday coming up?” He has built a strong community relationship with his peers and teacher, Ms. Osato and he truly enjoys the freedom of choosing the lessons he will work with as he progresses with the classroom material. I specially have appreciated working side by side with his teacher, Ms. Osato to help learn alternatives in coping with my son’s learning difficulties. I have also enjoyed working with Ms. Osato in learning more about the Montessori philosophy and how I, as a parent, can help my son reach his highest potential by following the same approach and philosophy at home.” Cecilia Brown


“Thank you so much for all the love and care you have given to our Miles. You made your prepared environment Miles’ second home. We brought you a shy quiet two-year-old and you gave us a confident, smart and happy four year old.

Thank you is not enough. Love” Dave, Daniel & Miles Avila


“Your classroom environment has been a great place to grow, not only for my child, but also for me, as a parent and as a member of your community. Ms. Osato has provided me with great opportunities to learn about the Montessori philosophy and also to reexamine my own approach to parenting. It has been a catalyst in the great discoveries my son has made, not only academically but socially, since starting with Ms. Osato. She has always been available and willing to provide guidance on how to best assist my son with his learning experience. For example, when the time came for him to transition from his old school to his new classroom environment, he had a difficult time adjusting to the change. It was comforting to see Ms. Osato encouraging him, without pressure, as he transitioned into his new class environment. Time and time again, Ms. Osato explained some of the dynamics that may have been taking place, reiterating the importance of giving our son the time he needed to accept the change, but keeping in mind an alternate plan in the event that he simply was not ready for the change. It was very reassuring to hear from other parents in my son’s class and find out about their experience with Ms. Osato and the transitioning of their own children. In the end, my son made a successful transition to his new classroom, developed new friendships, love and great appreciation for his new teacher, Ms. Osato. He always reminisces and talks about the days past he spent in his new classroom with his new friends and Ms. Osato and looks forward with excitement to experiencing some of what is yet to come.

“Thanks again!” Eugenia Carscaden


“Our two daughters four and two years old are at PFM. We cannot be happier with the holistic growth that we see in our children, but over all, they really love to go to PFM every single day. You can easily see how the teacher, Ms. Osato really love and care about the kids and her concern to provide a solid foundation for their future, teaching the necessary aspects to be complete and happy human beings. Continuous efforts to communicate and educate parents about Montessori philosophy really help us to understand and do our part at home. Changing very simple things, we complement our children education and improve our relationships.

Thanks to especially Ms. Osato, we cannot be happier to be part of the PFM community.” Alina, Ella, Monica & Andres Mundell


“Watching my little boy walking up towards the car with his lunch bag on hand all by himself was the moment I realized how much of an impact PFM has made in my son’s life.

I love the sense of independence that Ms. Osato bestows on our children. In so many different little ways I have seen growth, maturity and creativity in my little 2 year old angel. That little personality is blooming and Ms. Osato is really encouraging it; for this I will be eternally grateful to Ms. Osato.

Nicolas Gabriel Bolano, Age 2″ Damaris Rivera


“A year ago, we made the decision to send our 2 1/2 year old son to your classroom because you had the part time schedule that we were looking for. At that time we were open minded but weren’t really sure about the Montessori philosophy and if we could “live it” at home, but thought we’d give it a try. One year later we are so happy to have made the decision last year to bring our son to you. Our now 3 ½ year old son is thriving in the Montessori environment. He is so engaged and stimulated and aware of his independence! He will be attending camp full time this summer at Prime Foundation Montessori and he loves Ms. Osato. We are looking forward to starting in Prime Foundation Montessori Preschool program in July.” Shermia Catozzo


“PFM has been nothing short of an amazing and life changing experience for my daughter Paris and I. We came down to Maryland while I completed my Masters degree, leaving all of our family and friends behind in Michigan, our home. PFM became our new family, embracing us and turning my little girl into a flowering young lady.

Thank you Ms. Osato, for everything you are giving us. We will never forget you!” Lola Micheal


“Thank you so much for welcoming our family into your preschool program. Cameron has been so happy here I can feel and see that he feels comfortable, nurtured and loved. I have seen him grow in so many ways and we are so pleased. PFM is such a warm and loving environment and you should feel proud of your preschool.” Cindy, John and Cameron Sumpter


“Thank You for all the help you have been to us. We feel Anthony is right where he needs to be. The stability Prime Foundation Montessiori’s classroom provides has been essential during the arrival of our baby boy Nathaniel. It is clear to me that Prime Foundation Montessori’s interest is the well-being of all its students. We feel lucky to be part of it.” Rodrigo, Anthony, Claudia & Nethaniel